Diane Kruger on The Bridge

German-born actress discusses the hit Fox TV series

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German-born US actress Diane Kruger gives Time Out the lowdown on season two of US border drama The Bridge.

The US’ preoccupation with border control is the basis behind this nail-biting drama, one of a handful of popular Scandinavian thrillers that have successfully been adapted for American television. German-born US actress Diane Kruger stars alongside Mexican actor Demian Bichir as one of the investigators searching for a serial killer whose first victim was found on the bridge of the border crossing between Texas and Mexico. Here, she talks about the second season, now airing on Fox.

Did you have to fight for the role? Here’s the most glamorous woman in the world and they cast you as this really wry, dry, introvert…
Well I have Asperger’s on the show. They offered it to me. I guess they saw that I was all of that too, I don’t know [laughs]. But, you know, its acting. I don’t think I’ve ever played a part that I felt that was like me in real life.

In the first season you found a rhythm for your character, Sonya. Having time away from the role, was it hard to find that rhythm again for the second season?
It took a while. We wanted to expand her character and not do what we did in season one. Also the show is very different this year. It’s darker but our personal lives get mixed up with what’s happening on the border in the story lines, so it required for Sonya to be opened up a bit more, you see more nuance of her than you did for season one.

What do you dislike about Sonya?
There are many things that I personally wouldn’t agree with, things she says and things she does. But you know she has a condition that sometimes makes her react a certain way and that is she not actually intentionally being rude or being seemingly not interested in what other people feel. I personally have great empathy and I’m very protective of her because I know that she’s a very good person and tries to do her best and wants to really thrive in life. I think that she’s a very lonely person. I feel sometimes really sorry for her because she has difficulties making friendships and partnerships and that sort of thing.

You play a cop and we read somewhere that you’re not very good with authority in real life. Could you elaborate a little?
[Laughs] Well, I’m not very good with airport security, being pulled over by cops, people that give tickets, I’m more of a free spirited person I guess.

So you’re not good at getting out of situations in that regard, like if you get pulled over by a cop?
No, I’m not, but also I just find that the rigidness that sometimes the law imposes on all of us so that we can live in a functioning society is not so easy to deal with [laughs].

So maybe it’s extra fun for you to play a cop then because it’s so different from where you are personally?
Yeah, I find the humour in it sometimes when Sonya is very black and white.
Season two of The Bridge airs on Fox every Wednesday at 10pm.

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