Five things to watch this week

Hairy Bikers, dangerous animal encounters, celebrity news and more

Five things to  watch this week

E! News
Keep up to date with the latest gossip and news from Tinseltown.
7pm, Wednesday November 26, E! Entertainment

The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook
Follow the two as they travel around the world cooking wholesome food.
8.35am, Thursday November 27, BBC Lifestyle

12 Years a Slave
This adaptation of the 1853 slave narrative and memoir by Solomon Northup will have you reaching for the tissues.
8.30pm, Friday November 28, OSN Movies Drama HD

Good Morning, Vietnam
Robin Williams stars in this 1987 war comedy-drama.
12.30pm, Saturday November 29, OSN Movies Comedy

I’m Alive
Real stories of close encounters with dangerous animals.
9.50pm, Sunday November 30, Animal Planet HD

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