The Bondi Hipsters are back

Aussie comics Nick Boshier and Christian Van Vuuren are back on screens

The Bondi Hipsters are back

The hipster is dead. Long live the hipster! It’s been a few years since Adrian (Nick Boshier) and Dom (Christiaan Van Vuuren) aka the insufferably clueless Bondi Hipsters – Australia’s most promising comedians and producers – became (what else?) viral superstars. But even back then, the concept of the ‘hipster’ was about as worn as the knitted beanies worn by frequenters to the North Bondi Grassy Knoll at the end of Bondi Beach.

‘We were late to the party,’ admits Van Vuuren. ‘But it’s good that Dom and Adrian are wearing the badge. They would hate it. But hipster is still a funny term for them because they are too old to be trying to be cool anymore. I see it as a nice symbol of their increasing irrelevance.’

Of course, they aren’t so irrelevant they can’t land a second TV series. Soul Mates is their new six-part comedy, in which Vuuren and Boshier play four sets of bumbling besties across eons. It’s all very Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey but Down Under, if you will. ‘I can see how the comparison could be drawn,’ says Van Vuuren, ‘but I’m stoked it has been. San Dimas High School football rules!’

They’re lunk-headed cavemen who believe making a baby requires little more than hugging a nearby tree (tree of life – get it?). They’re Kiwi assassins circa 1981, sporting moustaches and dorky suits as they seek vengeance on all the Australians who’ve taken credit for New Zealand’s creative prowess. Their storyline centres on efforts to convince Russell Crowe, aged eight, to return to his homeland, and Boshier admits that ‘I kind of fear a slight reprisal’ if the actor sees it.

Dom and Adrian resurface in the series and represent the present day in all its vapid, selfie-obsessed glory. The duo also plays travel agency employees in 2093 Antarctica, a time when CrossFit, sadly, is still a thing. ‘CrossFit isn’t just a thing,’ retorts Van Vuuren. ‘It’s become an actual religion.’

Across the board, none of these new characters are very bright. ‘I really enjoy playing stupid, because I’m not very smart. Listen hard, look at the ground a lot, relax my face, let the jaw hang a bit… nek minnit, I’m in the stupid zone,’ says Van Vuuren.And while all these new characters are not exactly meant to play as various reincarnations of Dom and Adrian, they do provide some gonzo historical context to the duo’s odd kinship. ‘They used to call these sorts of stories buddy comedies, but throwing the term ‘bromance’ around the office helped us stay focused. These guys are constantly bickering and facing challenges, but the friendship is what they’re fighting for,’ Van Vuuren says.
Dhs18.99, available to download on iTunes,

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