Vineet Bhatia, founder of indego, tells us all about his kitchen, coming back to Dubai, cooking and fatherhood

Dubai restaurant owner and Michelin favourite Pierre Gagnaire talks about the crunch, passion and stealing the QE2

The leading lights behind Ronda Locatelli, Zuma, and others, speak out.

Ainsley Harriott returns to Dubai to tell us why he loves cooking as much as he did 10-years ago and what keeps him motivated to carry on creating.

American chef Kerry Heffernan reflects on Festival of Taste, his career so far, and why he enjoys the challenges of changing peoples perceptions.

James Martin on his continuing relationship with Dubai, his love of creating something new and his plans for the future at home and abroad.

Jean-Christophe Novelli on Dubai, his career so far and what he thinks about his title as the world's sexist chef. <em>Time Out </em>gets the lowdown.

Cyrus Todiwala sits back for a chat with <em>Time Out</em> as he looks back on his time in Dubai and forward to his plans for the future at home and work.

The British chef and personality talks to <em>Time Out</em> about his longevity, career highs and his plans for the future. Do they include a return to Dubai?

Cyrus Todiwala talks to <em>Time Out</em> about the Jumeirah Festival of Taste, his plans for next year and why cooking will always be in his soul.

Michel Roux talks to <em>Time Out</em> about the Jumeirah Festival of Taste, his love of Dubai, his long career at the top and his plans for the future.

Celebrity chef, part-time hunk and all-round nice guy Gary Rhodes takes the Time Out test and reveals his favourite dates.

Britain's sushi entrepeneur and celebrity business adviser talks to <em>Time Out </em>about his big plans for Dubai.

<em>Time Out</em> talks to the superstar chef about moving to the UAE, the pursuit of excellence and why Dubai isn't growing quickly enough.

Is Dubai's newest restaurateur the world's best chef? The Michelin men seem to think he might be and now he's opening a place in Dubai.

The super-chef talks to <em>Time Out</em> about changing his menus, rival restaurants and trying to forget Antony Worrall Thompson.

<em>Time Out</em> talks to Anthony Worral Thompson about the festival of food that is Taste of Dubai.

Superchef Philippe Gauvreau talks about shouting, motorbikes and Grandma's cooking.

The Mexican celebrity chef reveals some celebrity gossip, explains the true nature of Tex-Mex food and why he is partying in Dubai.

TV star, jockey and now restaurant owner. <em>Time Out</em> catches up with Frankie Dettori.


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