Put nutrition on the menu for your children in 2020

Chubby children face serious health risks. Make sure your kids eat well this summer.

Sumo wrestlers don't get fat eating sushi. We find out why you should swap your fork for chopsticks.

24 hours in the shoes of a fat TV star as <em>Time Out  </em>keeps a food diary with Bernie Salazar.

<em>Time Out</em> taste tests the best new health-food bars available in Dubai. Which ones best combine taste with nutrition?

Essential reading for any parent or guardian. Click here and start your child's diet today.

Child-friendly recipes to teach your kids about making simple meals and healthy eating. Fun and educational.

We ask doctors in Dubai if traditional remedies really work

Ever wonder why your head screams in pain when you eat ice cream?

What to eat and what to avoid if you want to stay healthy eating in one of Dubai's many restaurants.

We show you how to select pizza toppings that won't pile pounds onto your figure.


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