<em>Time Out</em> takes a peek behind the scenes, meets some of the faces behind the brand, and looks forward to dining in the Atlantis hotel.

Tired of following the advice of menus we uncover some of the best 'off-menu' dishes in Dubai. Only for the brave.

Secret parties - with no fixed venue and hardly any information - are the hottest concept on the Dubai nightlife scene. <em>Time Out</em> goes behind the scenes.

We give one of Dubai's best chefs a kitchen challenge: Prepare a delicious meal made with only locally sourced produce.

Did you know strawberries are being grown in Dubai? Read our behind the scenes investigation into farming in the UAE.

Superficial Dubai? Uncultural Dubai? The Submarine club introduces rock fans to cultural clubbing at one of the emirate's hottest nights.

On a mission to find the best Russian foodstuffs in Dubai Time Out crosses the threshold of the Lucky Mini Store.

Mighty Boosh comedian coming to DJ in Dubai. The UK favourite hits our shores this week with his own brand of music and humour. Expect the unexpected.

<em>Time Out</em> gets brave, takes a deep breath, and meets the next in command to Dubai's most notorious chefs for a quick chat and an unexpected chuckle.

Dubai gets ready to rock to a local beat. Slip on your skinniest jeans, mess up your hair, and get ready to rock out at the emirate's newest metal-infused club night.

To celebrate Beijing 2008 Olympics we find Chinese food for every occasion in Dubai.

In need of a noodle and rice fix<em> Time Out</em> went in search of the best Chinese takeaways in Dubai.

Caviar, saffron and other billionaire snacks are readily available in Dubai. Learn how to eat like a (very rich) king.

The Dark Knight is one of the best films of 2008 but just where would Batman dine in Dubai?

<em>Time Out</em> joins <em>Tang</em>’s super chefs, along with their nitrogen tank, blow torch, and decompression unit, in the kitchen

With the hope of finding a new fishy favourite <em>Time Out </em>picks a seafood restaurant for every occasion in Dubai.

The search for Dubai's best amateur singer begins in earnest as the best, and the worst, voices that emirate has to offer descend on Double Decker.

Charitable clubbing comes to Dubai as <em>Time Out</em> finds out the stories behind the Passionately Pink club nights that are about to hit our shores.

Top chef explains his love of 'Flintstones' steaks and Balinese salt. Read on to discover his steak cooking tips.

Elitist clubbing reaches a new level in Dubai. Time Out uncovers the source of the Envy at takes a look behind the scenes at the UAE's hippest new night.

<em>Time Out</em> bravely reviews the new bars that have opened this week

Dining off the beating track.

There’s a new venue coming to Dubai and it’s all very hush-hush. We don our dark glasses and best disguise and go on a mission to find out more.


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