In case you’ve been living in a giant vat of sugar for the past few years, you’ll know that the UAE has a big problem with type 2 diabetes

Animal smuggling, and the environment, are this week's top topics. What do you think?

We look back on the week that was.

We ask what is the difference between the Scottish and English.

Want the inside track on what's going on in our fair Emirate? No idea? Here's the lowdown.

<em>The Insider</em> reports on diva like behaviour at DIFF, quirky shopping malls and the latest DJ rant in Dubai.

<em>The insider</em> reports on the alarming popularity of self help books in Saudi Arabia and the joys of cake shaped like mice.

<em>The Insider</em> caught up with Michel Roux at the Festival of Taste for a quick chat as some much-needed advice before looking at the curfew on Palm Jumeirah.

Why we are worried about visits to the airport, taking out a loan and Russel Peters impending visit to Dubai.

We take a closer look at the stranger happenings in and around Dubai.


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