Time Out’s resident pundit Vinny Maddage tells us a few things we’ve learnt from the tournament

Time Out’s resident pundit Vinny Maddage gives us this week’s lowdown

Time Out’s resident pundit Vinny Maddage gives us this week’s lowdown

Golf lessons are embracing technology to help novice players learn like the pros

If there’s one thing Dubai has loads of, it’s great-value happy-hour deals. Why not spice up your World Cup with these thrifty options?

Football pundit and former England player Trevor Francis will be the man in our ear during the forthcoming World Cup. He talks teams with Chris Anderson

Becky Lucas catches up with the footballing godfather to talk World Cup predictions, Soccer Circus and that fall-out with Sir Alex Ferguson

Shock! Horror! Not everyone is excited about the World Cup

At 80 years old, the FIFA World Cup is still kicking. We stroll down memory lane to recall the tournaments of yesteryear

Attack, attack, attack seems to be the entire football philosophy in Chile

A team with few stars will need to work as a collective unit to progress far

The reigning European champions are one of the favourites to go all the way

A new country looking to make an impression at their first World Cup

Not a one man team by any stretch, but much depends on Cristiano Ronaldo

Didier Drogba is just one of the many Europe-based players looking to impress

It is impossible to think the North Koreans can cope with Brazil and Portugal

Having beaten Bahrain to get this far all eyes will be on the kiwi team

Guaranteed entertainment from the players on the pitch and fans in the stands

South America's forgotten team are hoping to build on recent development

A regular World Cup favourite will hope to provide entertainment on the pitch

Current world champions will look to enhance their global reputation

Could scrape through the group but seem unlikely to go much further

A powerhouse of African football but unlikely to make waves at this level


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