These are the most commonly lost items in Ubers in Dubai

From bags to pink teddy bears, Uber's Lost & Found Index reveals the things which are most frequently forgotten

These are the most commonly lost items in Ubers in Dubai
These are the most commonly lost items in Ubers in Dubai Image #2

Has anyone lost a pink teddy bear over the past year? Whoever you are, Uber might have it, along with a number of other strange items left behind by travellers.

The transportation app’s Lost & Found index reveals some of the most surprising items riders leave behind during trips, along with the top ten things that are most frequently forgotten.

The most unique items included a family photo, concert tickets, a bag of rice, a microwave and, as the report puts it, an actual sibling. We can’t say we’ve all done that.

As for the most forgotten items, backpacks and bags nabbed the top spot, followed by phones, clothes, wallets, keys, glasses and headphones.

It even revealed which items were commonly found in the back seat of Ubers on certain days, including clothes being the most forgotten on Sunday, keys on Mondays, along with phones and cameras on Tuesdays and Fridays.

As for the day when Uber saw the most forgotten products left behind by riders in the UAE? The first day of 2019.

If you’re one of those who have forgotten something special, all you have to do is tap “Your Trips” on the app and select the trip where you left something behind, then tap “I lost an item”, where you can contact the driver to get your prized possessions back.

Have a look below for the full list of lost items:

Most commonly forgotten items
1. Backpacks/bags/folders/boxes/luggage
2. Phones and cameras
3. Clothes
4. Wallets and purses
5. Keys
6. Glasses
7. Headphones and speakers
8. Water bottles and thermoses
9. Phone chargers
10. Jewellery & makeup

Most unique lost items
1. Pink teddy bear in the backseat
2. Wedding card invitation
3. Kids' scooter
4. Family photo
5. Board game
6. Binoculars
7. A sibling (!)
8. Concert tickets

If you’re opting to take the metro instead, you’re in for a treat this week as metro stations throughout Dubai will be holding a music festival, and it’s completely free to attend.

Let’s try not to leave behind those siblings anymore.

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