Dubai flight deals revealed by Skyscanner with up to 40 percent off

A new in-app tile showcases bargain discounts to Thailand, UK, Turkey and many more

Dubai flight deals revealed by Skyscanner with up to 40 percent off

Spring break might just be the best time to make some memories in flip flops, especially when Skyscanner has revealed the best places to wear them.

As part of its “Spring Break Deals 2019”, the travel search site has launched a special feature on its app that showcases the best value destinations for UAE travellers to visit during spring.

It shows data on spring break deals from the UAE based on a year-on-year average ticket cost, with highlights including a 40 percent lower price to Thailand compared to last year.

Those looking to travel to India, Lebanon, the UK or Turkey could benefit from up to 30 percent off their return flights.

Skyscanner also revealed travellers are increasingly looking for travel ideas over spring break, with a 47 percent increase in usage of its “Everywhere” search function over the past year.

Want to get in on those bargain flight offers? Just download the app on the Google Play Store or on Apple and click on the “Explore” tab.

Check out the full list of destinations below and take your pick:

• India: up to 30% off
• Thailand: up to 40% off
• Seychelles: up to 25% off
• France: up to 15% off
• Lebanon: up to 30% off
• Philippines: up to 20% off
• Sri Lanka: up to 25% off
• United Kingdom: up to 30% off
• Turkey: up to 30% off
• Georgia: up to 10% off
• Nepal: up to 20% off
• Oman: up to 20% off

That’s not all, as the travel search site has revealed the cheapest day to fly out of the UAE, along with some of the best value locations to head to throughout the year.

There’s quite a few new flight routes that have popped up in Dubai over the past few months, which means new places for the inner tourist in you to explore.

Pack those flip flops – it’s time to go on holiday.
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