Three Indian holiday destinations from Dubai

Head East from Dubai and explore the wonders of India

Three Indian holiday destinations from Dubai

Fancy escaping somewhere green and leaving the desert behind you? Kerala in South India is defined by its 600km of coastline and spice and tea covered hills of the Western Ghats. It feels a million miles away from Dubai, but you can get there in under four hours. As well flights from DXB, you can now fly to Kerala from Abu Dhabi with daily flights to Kochi and Kozhikode with Indigo.
From Dhs355. Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport.

It’s called the Maximum City for a reason, but if you’re ready for the crowds then there’s no place more vibrant than Mumbai. Whether you’re rubbing shoulders with a Bollywood star or touring the slums, your guaranteed to see every facet of Indian life – and it’s brilliant. There are loads of flights from the UAE with Air Arabia, Emirates, Eihad, Air India, IndiGo and SpiceJet flying out from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah from around Dhs1,200 return.

Taste authentic flavours on a street food tour with Reality Tours, or venture to Elephant Island (about an hour’s boat ride away) to explore ancient temple ruins carved into the cliff side. You can unwind at Mumbai institution Leopolds, before moving onto the bustling Calaba Social for the fish tacos.

On your way back to the airport, stop off at Masala Library, for a 12-course molecular gastronomy feast that will make your head spin (and your stomach expand). It’s phenomenal, and the sister restaurant of the newly opened Dubai eatery within JW Marriott Marquis Dubai from famed chef Jiggs Kalra. Don’t miss it.
From Dhs1,200. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Set your sights East and head to Goa for wondrous blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

Lined with golden beaches, peppered with stunning architecture, and simmering with wonderful street food, it’s no surprise that the city is becoming ever more popular with tourists.

One of the biggest lures to Goa as opposed to other Indian cities is the massive stretch of (largely) uninterrupted beaches - each with their own distinct vibe and personality.

Arambol Beach is the backpacker’s choice and is furthest north of all the beaches in Goa. It lies on the coast of Arambol fishing village and remains largely uncommercial apart from a few huts on the sand selling trinkets. It’s a favourite among hippies and its rustic charm feels a million miles away from the skyscrapers of Dubai. Air India offer a direct flight from DXB to Goa International Airport. Oman Air, Indigo and SpiceJet also offer indirect flights to the destination.
From Dhs1,100. Goa International Airport.

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