Emirates to cover North Pole flights with wi-fi and live TV

No more connectivity issues on long-haul flights to the US

Emirates to cover North Pole flights with wi-fi and live TV

If you’re a regular traveller between the UAE and the US on Emirates, then your trip is soon going to an awful lot more comfortable.

The airline, which has a sale on Business and First Class fares until Saturday July 13, has announced that US-bound passengers will soon have access to wi-fi services, mobile connectivity and live TV (including sport) for the entire journey.

The reason for this is that a whole bunch of new satellites have been added to the airline’s network, meaning flights that previously had a four-hour connectivity black spot will now have seamless coverage throughout. The new satellites are said to be operational by 2022. It adds to the airline’s coverage across 175 of its aircraft, including all Boeing 777 and Airbus A380s.

More than one million passengers connect to the airline’s wi-fi service every month, apparently, and it looks like that number is going to increase in the not too distant future.
For more information visit emirates.ae.

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