Oman's best adventure holidays

From hiking to abseiling and snorkelling in the Sultanate

Oman's best adventure holidays

Oman has no shortage of incredible spots for hiking, climbing and diving enthusiasts. And many of the country’s most breath-taking sights are more accessible than people think. Rob Gardner founded the Muscat Adventure Centre to help anyone and everyone – from novice hikers to seasoned climbers – experience the best of what Oman’s dramatic mountain areas and beautiful coastline have to offer. He shared with us his top five must-do list:

Hiking through Snake Canyon
This trip can be an easy day out or a harder weekend trip, depending on the route you take. Either way, it’s a great entry-level excursion that involves walking, swimming and jumping over the course of a few hours in one of Oman’s more picturesque natural areas. The river cuts into the mountains, and the cliffs on either side are hundreds of metres high. Experience with climbing and hiking isn’t necessary, although a moderate level of fitness is required.

Abseiling and caving
Due to its mountainous topography, Oman is a great country to experience abseiling and caving for the first time. There are some huge tunnels and chambers in Oman, and you’ll be amazed at the life you can find in the dark.

Abseiling 7th hole
The underground cave known as 7th hole is one of the most impressive spots in the country. It's part of a larger system with around 10km of tunnels, and descending into it involves a huge 120m abseil.

Walking along Via Feratta
You don’t have to be a climber to experience this area. Go with a guide and you just need to have a normal to moderate level of fitness. Complete the one hour walk along Oman’s ‘Grand Canyon’ balcony and you’ll arrive at an abandoned village. The views are incredible, and if you’re nervous of heights, this spot is ideal thanks to the steel cable climbing route.

Snorkelling in protected marine reserves
Take a fun boat ride to protected islands, where you can dive or snorkel in crystal clear waters and relax in the sun on the beach. Oman has a multitude of colourful marine life and you can often spot reef sharks, leopard sharks and hawksbill turtles.

For more information, visit (+968 2454 3002).

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