Why you should visit India

Tourism has seen a growth spurt, as the country attracts a plethora of holidaymakers

It’s not just the UAE that boasts camels, mountains and beaches in one nation. In India, you’ll find the desert sands of Rajasthan, the tropical beaches and jungle of Kerala and the icy Himalayan mountain-scape, with so much ancient history and intoxicating culture in between. Since the days of the hippy trail back in the 1960s, India has become a byword for intrepid travel and exotic discovery. Yet it has remained an atypical destination for the average holidaymaker.

Now, however, India is hotly tipped to become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Tourism is already climbing steadily for this country, so much so that The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that demand is growing by more than ten percent each year. This rapid increase is no doubt partly due to the new e-Tourist Visa system, which now allows travellers to apply online, rather than in person at a local embassy.

Since the new cyber system was launched in January last year, India has seen a dramatic 1,209 percent increase in travel in the first year. The country is getting ready for first-time tourists, too, with 199 new hotels and more than 35,000 new hotel rooms currently under construction across the country.

From Dubai, it could barely be closer or cheaper to get to this diverse destination, a mere four hours away with budget airlines aplenty flying to hubs across the sub-continent.

Three top sites to see
Hampi, Karnataka

This ancient city is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. Back in its heyday, which was the fourteen century, this city was three times the size of Paris.

Leh, Ladakh

This is India’s gateway to the Himalayas. Take a road trip through the breathtaking mountain roads and valleys.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

This is a vibrant sight for all to witness. Here, the river Ganges and the ghats at its banks thrive with spiritual and domestic life in action, as well as death.

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