Why not take a holiday in Peru?

Time Out Dubai looks at the further big city you can reach from Dubai International Airport, and asks, why not take a holiday in Peru?

Sri Lanka, Goa, Kenya, Oman, Jordan, Istanbul – the short break circuit around Dubai is incredible. We’re as happy to sneak away for a weekend break in Ras Al Khaimah as the next person, but, if we’re honest, Time Out’s eyes have been drawn to the globe lately. To longer trips and long-haul flights. As much as we love Dubai, we can’t help but want to see the other side of the world this year.

Which got us thinking about the farthest possible holiday trek for intrepid Dubai travellers. As much as we’d love to explore remote locations in French Polynesia or the Pitcairn Islands, we’ve introduced just one rule: our final destination needs to be a city of more than a million people, to make sure the holiday is not spent in too remote a spot.

At a distance of nearly 15,000km from home, the furthest large city break for Dubaians is Lima in Peru. Regarded as one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the Americas, it’s also becoming a major player in Dubai thanks to a quiet dining revolution. Restaurants such as Totora, Coya, Pollo Pollo and Inka are bringing the authentic flavours of the nation to our city.

Ceviches and anticuchos are incredible and we’d consider walking the way around the world to sample the original flavours, but there is more to Lima than the much publicised food revolution spreading across the planet as we speak.

As the only South American capital city to be built on an ocean, it has a thriving beach scene, progressive art and centuries of history, culture and architecture to take in to boot.

Once you’ve flown the 15,000km around the world to get this far (that’s a 26-hour flight with just one change, so you might want to stock up on pan pipe playlists for the flight), you really should make the extra hop on to see Peru’s most famous landmark, Machu Picchu. The 15th century Incan citadel is one of the new seven wonders of the world and if ceviche isn’t reason enough to go, it certainly is.
Dhs7,325 KLM flights from Dubai to Lima, via Amsterdam, daily. www.klm.com.

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