Climbing Kilimanjaro with Gulf4Good

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Photo Credit: David Binnie

For those intrepid travellers seeking to scale new heights, the chance to trek up the world’s largest free-standing mountain will surely have them reaching for their hiking boots quicker than they can say “Kilimanjaro”.

Tanzania’s most famous landmark is the destination for an unmissable opportunity that will be as testing as it is awe-inspiring.

Those suffering from lazyitis need not apply, though, as all participants will be expected to train for at least three months prior to setting off, building up both their fitness and stamina.

Still in? We’re glad to hear it. And so will the homeless kids of Tanzania be. This trek is run by Gulf for Good, with the fundraising proceeds set to help Larchfield, a foundation building a children’s home for youngsters forced to live on the streets.

Tricia Evans, governor of the Dubai-based charity, which has raised more than Dhs11 million for causes since 2001, tells us: “Kilimanjaro is one of the most popular hiking adventures in the world. It offers an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push your limits, rediscover your potential and feel a sense of accomplishment when you stand tall and proud at the peak.”

The challenge will entail seven days of trekking on the Marangu route, which will take you through varying terrains including rainforests, meadows, moorlands and “The Saddle” – a high-altitude, 5km-wide desert.

“Anyone who loves to travel will find our challenges are a fantastic way to explore the world,” Evans adds. “The G4G challengers always get a first-hand experience of visiting the local charity they support, and almost all the participants find this extremely moving and memorable.”

Although rated by Gulf for Good as an “extreme” challenge, those looking to tackle the Kilimanjaro expedition can take a full weekend training programme including snow hiking at Ski Dubai, stair climbing and beach hikes. This, Evans says, will be great preparation, although nothing could quite prepare for the views from 5,895 metres.
Dhs2,500 per person to register, minimum Dhs19,500 sponsorship needed. Thursday Jun 30 to Saturday July 9. (04 368 022204 368 0222).

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