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Being one of the first land masses to have been inhabited by humans after Africa and Eurasia, Papua New Guinea has a long and rich history. The nation has more than 800 indigenous languages (the most of any one country in the world) and this diversity is reflected in its wildlife, especially of the avian variety.

Of the 43 species of birds-of-paradise, some 38 are found in Papua New Guinea, making it an absolute haven for twitchers seeking out one of Earth’s most beautiful creatures. Travel company Wildlife Worldwide offers fully tailor-made trips to this ornithological outpost, first flying you into the capital Port Moresby before taking you to Mount Hagen where a local guide will introduce you to the traditions and customs of the local Melpa people.

What other activities you enjoy on this 13-day trip is entirely up to you, but with such an incredible array of avifauna around you, guided trips to spot parrots, lories and lorikeets, cockatoos, drongos and the rest of the 708 bird species are an absolute must. And the multiple internal flights you’ll take will give you a bird’s-eye view of this most wonderfully diverse of nations.
From Dhs32,000 (flights extra). Ongoing. Papua New Guinea, (+44 196 230 2086).

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