Soak up the sun in Florida

Win a place in your kids’ good books while having fun in the US state yourself

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It’s a dream destination for kids (big ones included) all over the land, but even if you’re not quite so fussed about meeting Mickey and Minnie, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the Sunshine State of Florida.

There is enough going on at Walt Disney World Resort alone to fill up your entire holiday schedule, admittedly. With four theme parks and two waters, offering a whole host of action-packed activities, from out-of-this-world Star Wars rides and a musical boat ride through the enchanted world of Frozen (sorry, they’ll never let it go) to a chance to take flight in a pirate ship with Peter Pan, you’ll all have the experience of a lifetime at the Orlando entertainment hub.

But if you can somehow manage to pry the dimunitive Disney devotees away from the wonders of Walt for a day or two, put on the after-burners and take in a trip to the Kennedy Space Center ( before spending an afternoon swimming with manatees in the Crystal River and rounding off your trip by brushing up close with nature at Everglades National Park.
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Win a place in your kids’ good books while having fun in the US state yourself


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