What Emirates first class on A380 is like

Time Out has video and pictures showing what Emirates first class on A380 is like. Find out the price, plus details of showers, beds and room service

For most of us, long-haul flights are far from enjoyable.

Whether it’s the feeling of being cramped, the impossibility of sleeping while seated upright or the craving for a shower after such a long trip, flying can be a real pain overall.

Fortunately for some, Emirates Airlines has laid many of those pet hates to rest, but it has a price tag attached to it and it ain’t cheap.

Celebrity vlogger Casey Neisnat has highlighted some of the incredible perks that you get when flying first class on the A380 in a brand-new video he’s posted on YouTube that’s already received 10.8 million views (and counting).

Neisnat may have wiggled his way into a free upgrade on his flight from Dubai to New York but he points out in the video that those who paid for first class shelled out a gobsmacking $21,635, just under Dhs80,000.

Time Out checked the cost of the one way flight from DXB to JFK and the price quoted for September 23 2016 was Dhs29,485.

‘So what will I get for handing over my life savings?’, you may ask.

The answer is the most decadent flying experience of your life.

For starters, your own private booth with automatic doors that only you can open.

Your comfortable seat easily converts into a bed equipped with a duvet, sheets, pillows and pyjamas (FYI, Emirates’ air hostesses are more than willing to make your bed for you).

Within this secluded pod, you’ll also find a mechanized minibar that hovers up at the push of a button and a flat screen TV (huge by conventional plane standards) with a game console-style remote control.

The menu is cooked to order and yes, there is caviar.

Perhaps the centrepiece of the whole experience is, drum roll, the 30-minute shower and freshening up session that you book to your convenience.

To put things in perspective, you can easily lie down and do snow angels on the ground. That’s how big the bathroom is. And as for taking a hot shower at 43,000 feet in the air, well it doesn’t really get any better than that.

We leave you with Neisnat’s video. Yet again, a UAE company paving the way for futuristic lavishness and modernity. Hurrah!

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