Man sues Emirates Airlines for seating him next to large passenger

Time Out has details after an Italian man sues Emirates Airlines for seating him next to large passenger on nine-hour flight to Dubai

For most of us, long-haul flights are a fairly uncomfortable ordeal.

Whether it’s the feeling of being cramped in a corner, the inability to sleep upright or a baby’s incessant crying in the background, we’re usually left with very little choice but to put up with it and wait for touch down.

But one man on board an Emirates flight from Cape Town to Dubai has decided to take one of these unfortunate truths about air travel to court, in the hope of getting compensation.

Giorgio Destro, a lawyer from the Italian city of Padua, decided to sue the world’s best airline (Skytrax World Airlines Awards winner 2016) after he was given a seat next to an overweight man.

“Ultimately for nine hours, I had to stand in the aisle, sit on seats reserved for the aircrew when they were free, and in the final phase of the flight, resign myself to suffer the ‘spillover’ of the passenger at my side,” he told Italian news site Matino.

Destro took a selfie while sat next to the man, tweeted by Venice based daily Corriere del Veneto.

He claims that after landing in Dubai, he immediately contacted Emirates customer service but that they offered no apology or any form of compensation when they eventually got back in touch with him.

Destro is now asking for a total of Dhs11,375 in compensation for his flight, including Dhs3,129 for a flight ticket refund and a further Dhs8,246 in damages.

The hearing has been scheduled for October 20 in Padua.

Do you think Destro’s appeal is spot-on or uncalled for? Should airlines start providing special seating for overweight passengers or shall we just put this down to drawing the short straw in terms of air travel?

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