Emirates reveals US device ban loophole

Indirect US flights via Milan and Athens not affected by device embargo

Emirates has announced a passenger-friendly workaround to the recently-invoked device ban on flights to the US.

After the White House last week confirmed a blanket ban on any device larger than the average smartphone travelling in the cabin of flights from the UAE to the US, Dubai’s international carrier revealed plans to help passengers use their electronics for as much of the journey as possible.

For direct flights, travellers will be allowed to take their devices through security as usual and keep using them until they board the flight. At the gate before boarding, any and all banned devices must be handed to security staff on hand, who will then safely stow devices in the hold to ensure US immigration laws aren’t broken.

While Emirates is open to this workaround, the airline does still encourage passengers to pack electronic devices into hold luggage in the first instance, to make sure there aren’t any delays.

The rules took effect as of Saturday March 25, and to help make sure its operations comply with the latest restrictions, Emirates will be deploying extra staff in airports while the new regulations become commonly accepted and acknowledged by passengers.

However, Emirates has figured out a way to circumvent the ban altogether. While the ban applies to non-stop flights from the UAE, it cannot be applied to indirect flights from the UAE to the US via Milan and Athens.
If you’re unsure on whether your flight will be affected by the change in regulations, go to www.emirates.com/electronicsban

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