Supersonic flights coming to Dubai

Fly from Dubai to New York in less than eight hours


Harking back to the days of Concorde, a new supersonic passenger airline has been announced, promising to revolutionise the aviation industry.

Superfast travel to global destinations from Dubai will soon be a reality, after Boom Supersonic confirmed the development of a new prototype airliner which can get from Dubai to New York in seven-and-a-half hours, and to Sydney in just over eight hours.

It’s an incredible prospect, and one which had been realised for years by Concorde. But, unlike the now defunct airliner, the Boom Supersonic XB-1 is designed from the off to be a more affordable and environmentally sustainable model – promising a more long-term vision for high-speed international travel.

Boom will be 80 percent less expensive to operate than Concorde, leading to more affordable tickets for passengers and more sustainable business models for airlines. Energy efficiency is greatly improved too, while advanced aerodynamics, carbon fibre composites and turbofan jet engines make it possible to nearly halve journey times around the world.

As it stands the Boom airliner can seat up to 55 passengers, and flying up at 60,000 feet, those on board will experience less turbulence – perfect for nervy flyers.

A 1/3 scale prototype XB-1 is now under construction, with its first flight scheduled for 2018. Passenger flights will begin in the early 2020s. Get ready to buckle your seatbelts, this is going to be one superfast – but less bumpy – ride!

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