Emirates unveils inflight iftar meals

Dubai-based airline to offer boxes on select flights during Ramadan

Travelling within over the next month? Emirates Airline has announced it will be serving iftar for passengers starting from Saturday May 27.

Special iftar boxes will be made available to passengers in all cabin classes on certain flights within and to the Gulf region, including flights to Jeddah and Medina during Ramadan.

The boxes, which feature an Arabesque design, will include Middle Eastern snacks such as spinach fatayer, zaatar chicken with hummus, halloumi cheese and cucumber sandwiches, as well as yoghurt, dates and maamoul. During the period, cold meals will be served instead of hot ones on all flights to Jeddah and Medina.

Additionally, the airline will also provide trays of dates and water at boarding gates, for passengers wishing to break their fast prior to boarding.

On board, Emirates uses a special tool to calculate the exact timings of iftar, using the aircraft’s longitude, latitude and altitude, with passengers kept informed by the captain.

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