Automatic passport control coming to DXB within months

Seamless airport experience proposed by Emirates in latest initiative


Soon, getting through DXB’s Terminal 3 will be an awful lot quicker, if Emirates’ latest announcement is anything to go by.

The airline is going big on its “Together” initiative, a technology transformation scheme in partnership with Dubai Customs, Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai Police and Dubai Airports.

“Together” is aiming to rapidly evolve Terminal 3’s technology, to make passenger experience the best of any airport in the world. Emirates has already announced that it will make all travel documents (including passports) available on smartphone, as well as the introduction of dedicated sleeping pods for those with a bit of time on their hands.

Now, the airline wants to introduce biometric and one-gate technologies, a combination of facial recognition coupled with smartphone technology and automated immigration, so passports won’t have to be manually checked when travellers go through gates. The gates, however, won’t work when passengers do not have the required documentation on their smartphone, and aren’t booked on a flight.

The most exciting thing about this is the time frame. Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ chief operating officer, says the projects will be coming to fruition in the coming months.

“Even if it means investing in equipment, training and changing operational processes, all partners are keen to embrace new technologies and thinking, if it benefits the end-users,” he said. “We are all on the same page when it comes to wanting to deliver the best experience for visitors coming to and through Dubai. We look forward to bringing these projects to fruition and introducing more enhancements in the coming months.”

We can’t wait to see the results of this exciting project.

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