Emirates wi-fi just got a lot more expensive

Say goodbye to US$1 wi-fi, as airline completely overhauls pricing model

Emirates wi-fi just got a lot more expensive

Wi-fi on Emirates flights is about to get a lot more expensive.

One of the best little gems with Emirates’ world-class service was the practically free wi-fi service on board the A380 and Boeing 777.

Even right at the back of economy, for passengers who aren’t Skywards members, you could get 10MB free wi-fi, and a whopping 500MB for just US$1 (about Dhs3.67). It was as simple as that, and that should cover you for the entire flight. 10MB doesn’t get you much nowadays anyway, so having a cheap option for browsing and social media was a great feature.

But now things are getting complicated. The airline has expanded its service, and has given business and first class customers free wi-fi for the entire flight. Economy passengers also get 20MB of free data, double the current capacity.

However, the cost of wi-fi is getting a lot more expensive. Instead of US$1 for 500MB for the entire flight, the fee you’ll pay depends on what Skywards membership tier you’re at and where you’re sat in the plane. It’s more complicated, for sure, but it’s also a lot more expensive. Economy customers who aren’t Skywards members will end up paying up to US$15.99 (about Dhs58.75) for the same amount of data that previously cost US$1 (around Dhs3.67).

“Emirates has made significant investments in our in-flight connectivity,” said Adeel Al Redha, Emirates vice president and chief operating officer, in a statement?. “Today, wi-fi services are available on over 200 of our aircraft, and it is a service that Emirates continues to subsidise heavily. In-flight wi-fi usage, already popular from the start, has grown tremendously.

The full chart explaining the new tier rates is below, but you might want to swot up before putting your credit card information in the next time you’re on board.

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