Dubai taxis rank among world’s cheapest

You'd have to search far and wide to find a cheaper ride

Whenever we go on holiday, we love having a car with us – or at least making sure transport is sorted one way or another. Having your own car or rental is the dream, but can often be way too expensive for a holiday budget, while getting to know a new city’s public transport system can be so bafflingly bewildering there’s a good chance we’ll spend our vacation gently sobbing on a bus to the middle of nowhere.

Taxi it is, then. A lot of taxies in a lot of cities consider airport runs their bread and butter, a perfect chance to bag a whopping great fare by pulling the wool over some naïve tourist’s eyes. Thankfully, recent stats released by has said Dubai is among the 30 cheapest cities in the world for taxi rides.

Those of us coming from other major metropolises around the world are likely to have instantly noticed Dubai taxis are far cheaper, comparatively, than those in cities like London. Dubai is in fact the 26th cheapest city in the world for the average three kilometre fare (Dhs17.74), while an airport transfer to the city centre comes in at, on average, Dhs30.52 – the fifth cheapest city in the world.

The research was undertaken in 80 cities across the world, and unfortunately hasn’t explained where the “city centre” is, but we can assume it’s somewhere near Downtown Dubai based on the very affordable Dhs30 cost.

The only cities in the world cheaper for an airport-to-city centre transfer are Tallinn (Estonia), Tunis (Tunisia), Mumbai (India), and Cairo (Egypt) – the cheapest in the world at an average cost of less than Dhs16. That is obviously dictated by how far away from the airport the city centre is, but Cairo and Mumbai are also the cheapest two cities for a three kilometre journey.

Switzerland was proven to be the most expensive country, where the average cost of a three kilometre journey in Geneva is Dhs64.39, and a whopping Dhs92.74 in Zurich – the two most expensive cities on the list.

Spare a thought for those visiting Tokyo, and save a few pennies if you’re heading there yourself, because a transfer from the airport to city centre comes in at an eye-watering Dhs697.54!

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