Check in your baggage for Dubai flights from home

Emirates staff will also issue your boarding pass in your living room


Let’s face it – it’s easy to get a little bit lazy living in Dubai. We’ve got our shopping, meals and laundry all at the tap of a screen, and now you can even check in for your flight at home.

Emirates has launched a new home check-in service and it’s perfect for those who like to put their feet up before a flight (i.e. everyone).

Not only will Emirates staff come to your home, hotel or office anywhere in Dubai to personally check you in, they will also issue boarding passes, weigh and tag your bags and ship them off securely to the airport.

Then all you have to do is show up to the terminal on time where you will head directly to immigration, bypassing all the grumpy faces lined up at the check-in desks.

The service is available for customers across all classes travelling on Emirates flights and costs Dhs350 per trip for up to seven pieces of luggage, with extra bags costing Dhs35 each.

You can book the service online up to 12 hours before jetting off, during which time you can see to last-minute jobs, sort out transfers, or watch the next episode of The Bachelor – no judgements.

Emirates has been running trials for its Home Check-in service since October and security checks are said to be faultless.

The service seals each bag and stores them in a separate hold in the van, of which there are a shiny new fleet gearing up for the airport run.

We are definitely on-board…
Dhs350. Available to book 12 hours before flight. Dubai International Airport, Garhoud,

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