Cheap Emirates flights from Dubai to Europe and the Middle East

Less than one week to snap up bargain summer holiday deals

Cheap Emirates flights from Dubai to Europe and the Middle East

With the summer holidays here, you should start preparing for the endless roll of friends’ Instagram selfies abroad – and your own endless eye-rolling if you’re still stuck at home.

And if you can’t beat them, join them: with these sensational flight deals from Emirates.

But be quick, you have until Monday July 23 to book your seat to more than 30 global destinations.

Enjoy a quick escape to Beirut from Dhs1,080, Cairo from Dhs1,415, Casablanca from Dhs2,365, Seychelles from Dhs3,045, Kuala Lumpur from Dhs2,425, Zagreb from Dhs2,675 or Munich from Dhs2,885 in economy.

While business class seats to Beirut start from Dhs5,245, Cairo from Dhs7,599, Casablanca from Dhs11,739, Seychelles from Dhs8,368, Kuala Lumpur from Dhs8,865, Zagreb from Dhs12,619 and Munich from Dhs14,839.

And the attractive prices don’t stop there, as with Emirates Holidays you can snap up a five-star experience from an additional Dhs275 per person.

Think romantic beach retreats, spa holidays and luxury city break packages.

And while you’re at, don’t risk turning up to Dubai International Airport dripping with sweat having lugged your own luggage around, take advantage of the Emirates Home Check-in service.

Couriers will pick up bags from your home, hotel or office across Dubai, transport it to the airport, take it through security and onto your flight.

It is bookable 12 hours before your flight depature time.

It means you, your family and friends will have more time to explore and enjoy the world’s busiest airport without the hassle.

Just be sure to check out our excellent guide on what to do in the hub before boarding (spoiler alert: top-notch food and drink, trampoline parks, pay-as-you-sleep pods, world-class spas and more).
Until Jul 23.

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