Dubai is getting its own Paul the Octopus for the World Cup

Say hello to score-predicting goldfish Klaus Oro Pescado

World Cup, World Cup
World Cup, World Cup

Some might say it’s about time, but Dubai is getting its very own version of Paul the Octopus as the 2018 FIFA World Cup comes rolling around.

Footie fans may remember that Paul the Octopus became a bit of a worldwide sensation back in 2010, having correctly predicted tonnes of the results from the World Cup in South Africa that year.

It even correctly predicted the outcome of the final, with Spain defeating the Netherlands…

Well, while Paul – who even had his own Wikipedia page – may no longer be with us (he sadly passed away just after the 2010 tournament), Dubai restaurant Toro + Ko has got its own predictions specialist in-house in time for the World Cup.

Say hello to Klaus Oro Pescado (literally translating to Klaus the goldfish). Taking up residency at Toro + Ko in City Walk, you can go and pay Klaus a visit from today (Sunday May 26), and he’ll be making his predictions on the restaurant’s Instagram page every Sunday throughout the World Cup, which kicks off on Thursday June 14, running through until Sunday July 15.

Klaus even has his own elaborate (and heart-wrenching) backstory – which includes playing at Everton with Wayne Rooney, suffering a crippling dorsal, injury becoming a resident DJ in Magaluf, training under the UK’s famous Mystic Meg and outclassing more than 100 other goldfish to be selected to shadow Paul the Octopus back in 2010.

Inspiring stuff, right?

Toro + Ko will also be screening the matches during the tournament, so head over for the match and a table full of tapas and settle on down for the greatest sporting tournament in the world.
Open Sat-Wed, noon-1am; Thu-Fri noon-2am. The Square, City Walk (04 590 5433).

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